Purchasing Strategy
  1. 1)How to select a good quality watch?
  2. Normally,people listen to the sound when watch works to judge if it’s good quality or not,which is unscientific. The main criteria of watch quality is the accurancy. A clear,balanced sound can only tell that there’s no problem with the movement but can’t tell that the quality of the watch is good. There should all be certain space beween pointers and glass,between pointers and dial,or between three pointers. Or there will be friction which will affect its normal running. The method to check the hour hand and minute hand is : Adjust the time to 3 and 9 o’clock to see if they are at right angles; Adjust the time to 6 o’clock to see if they are in line; Adjust the time to 12 o’clock to see if they are overlapped.
  3. 2)Machenical and quartz, which kind of watch is better?
  4. Actually, both kinds has its pros and cons. It has nothing to do with their price or service life. Strictly speaking, quartz watches have less abrade problems than mechanical ones. The most advantage of quartz watches is its high precision. They can easily be made smaller and thinner and more convenient to wear. Mechanical watches have better values in collection and appreciation.But the watch case is thicker. It’s better to select quartz watches for people who have high requirement on accurancy. Not more expensive watches are more accurate.The major cost of a watch is in its appearance.
  5. 3)Battery problem for quartz watches
  6. For all quartz watches, the replacement cycle of their battery should be more than one year. The service life of the battery is related to its capacity and the power consumption of the movement. Generally, the replacement of women’s watches will be more frequent than men’s.(some men’s watches also use small movement).Whether it’s convenient to replace the battery should also be taken into account if it’s X-small or ultrathin watches.The smaller and thinner the battery is, the more expensive it will be.
  7. 4)Brand and style
  8. The best is the fittest instead of the most expensive. This is the principle you need to keep in mind when selecting watches.
    <1>Make sure of your budget ceilings: Only bounded by budget will we consume reasonably and rationally. The other two important factors are personal preference and the purpose you purchase watches,like for matching formal wear or for sports&casual.
    <2>Take your budget as condition,list all the matched watches with the help of certain software,then you can make a choice. Let’s take watch website as an example. When you enter the website, you can make a rough screening according to user(men,women),brand,movement,strap,price,style,producing area,etc in the left side. Also, you can directly search by entering the watch model in the navigation bar,which is very easy to operate. In the accurate list,all you have to do is to enter your special requirement, then picking out the most favorite one will be your final step! If you still can’t make decision, watch website also supports comparison among several watches.