Daily Maintenance
  1. 1 )How to maintain the watch surface?
  2. The watch surface is divided into mineral glass and sapphire crystal. Keep the watch surface away from those rough surface to avoid scratches.
  3. 2 ) How to maintain the steel strap and case?
  4. Prevent the strap and case from friction or impact with those which close to or greater than their hardness. Also,do regular cleaning for the case and strap.
  5. 3 ) How to maintain the leather strap?
  6. Leather straps should avoid contact with water to prevent becoming stinky,harden and getting broken.
  7. 4 ) Note of wearing watches:
  8. a. Temperature: The working temperature of quartz watches is between -5℃ to +50℃. Keep them away from the environment too cold or too hot( such as baths,sauna,hot spring,etc.) which will affect their accurancy and working life.
    b. Impact and shock: Keep watches from falling off,hitting and impact with high hardness objects.
    c. Magnetic: Keep watches away from high magnetic objects, such as TV,magnets,voice box to avoid damage to the movements and assure their accurancy.
    d. Chemicals: Keep watches away from solvent (e.g. alchohol,petrol), mercury, makeup (e.g. perfume,shampoo,nail polish,nail polish remover), spray, detergent, seawater, brine bath, paint, other corrosive liquids and gasses to prevent case and strap from erosion.
    e. Watch Care: The dust,sweat, and moisture kept in case and strap might cause corrosion. All-steel case is made of nickel-chromium alloy,which is a little better at corrosion resistanting. But semi-steel case is made of copper,which can be easily corroded.So we should do regular cleaning for our watches with soft and dry fabric.
  9. 5 ) Is it possible for all-steel straps to rust or fade?
  10. There are various stainless steel. The main ingredients of them are nickel and chromium,which can be corroded by strong acids and alkali. There is hydrochloric acid in our sweat which can corrode watches. Nickel and chromium can also have chemical reaction with vinegar, bleacher, and some other chemicals,makeups. We can clean the strap with soft bristle toothbrush dipping in professional detergent and then dry it with soft fabric. We can also take it to professional maintainance center.
  11. 6 ) What can be done if water vapor appears in the inside of watch glass?
  12. Water might enter if watch lacks of maintainance in water resistance or be used beyond its water resistance, in which case it should be immediately taken to the professional maintainance center. So that water vapor won’t be confined in watch case and cause damage to the movement.
  13. 7 ) Why watches which can be worn in swimming can’t be worn when taking bath,having hot springs,having sauna nor be put in bathroom?
  14. The temperature in the above environments is very high,in which case the seal ring at the watch crown will expand to let water in and damage the movement. So please don’t wear watches in the above environments.
  15. 8 ) Can customers exchange battery for the watch by themselves?
  16. The accurancy and water resistante are very important to increase the service life of the battery. Exchanging battery by non-professional customers is not adviced.
  17. 9 ) What’s the meaning of the marks “30m”,”50m”,”100m”,”200m”?
  18. 30M/3ATM/3BAR means the watch is waterproof. It can be used in daily washing( washing face or hands,but don’t wash it directly under the faucet) or in rain. The professional explanation for 30m is per square centimeter area can withstand pressure of 3 kg, approximately equivalent to the pressure in depth of 30m in stationary state, which is equivalent to 3 atm pressure. 30m is the most primary level in water resistance. Generally, 50M/5ATM/5BAR is the real waterproof watch. It can be used when swimming or doing daily housework. But remember not to adjust the watch crown in the water. 100m and 200m watches is the professional waterproof watches,which can be used in underwater work,such as swimming and diving. Notice: The aging of waterproof rubber ring will affect the water resistance of watches.So waterproof rubber ring and watch crown (waterproof ring is included in) should be regularly replaced. Every time we replace the battery the waterproof originals of quartz watches should be replaced at the same time to guarantee its water resistance.The waterproof rubber ring can expand with heat and contract with cold,which will let water in and accelerate aging,or even cause damage to the movement.
  19. 10 ) The working life of the battery and notice for exchanging battery.
  20. General battery can work 1-2 years. It’s better to exchange the seal ring and do waterproof testing at the same time.
  21. 11 )What should we do if water enters our watches?
  22. Method 1: Tightly packed the watch with several layers of toilet paper or fabric which can absort moisture, then put it 15cm nearby a 40-watt light bulb and bake it for about 30 minutes. Remember not to put the watch glass directly near the fire ,or the glass might be deformed due to heat.
    Method 2: Wear the watch with bottom outside and glass inside, the moisture will disappear in two hours. If it’s serious,take it to the professional repair shop immediately, clear the movement to prevent other parts from getting rusty.
    Method 3: Put the watch together with some granular silica in a closed container, moisture will disapprear in several hours. This method is convenient and economic and does no harm to the accurancy or working life of the watch. The silica being used can get dried in few hours in 120℃ environment and can be used repeatedly.
  23. 12 ) How to use and maintain gilded watch straps?
  24. 1. In summer, wipe the sweat and dust timely. Take your watch off or no use gilded watch strap when there are much sweat.
    2. Keep straps from friction with rough or sharp objects and prevent straps from pressure and rain.
    3. Regild the strap if the original layer falls off.