1. 1) What’s Jack Beauty Diamond?
  2. Jack Beauty Diamond is a kind of Czekh stone with high-hardness,not real diamond. It’s produced in the south bank of Rhine river. It can reflect dazzling light and keep lustre lasting.
  3. 2) Are all the products on Time100 quality goods?
  4. All the products on Time100 are our own brand products,which can be absolutely guaranteed.
  5. 3)How to ajust the length of watch straps?
  6. Small adjustment can be done by adjusting the position of the clasp. But if you want it to be sharply adjusted, then you need to have some parts of the strap disassembled by the professionals. The above instruction is just for quartz and mechanical watches. Other watches with special movements are not included.
  7. 4)Why doesn’t the screen of electronic watches display sometimes?
  8. If there’s no water entering or impact problem,it most likely because the battery has gone dead, in which case it can get right by replacing its battery.
  9. 5)What if the pointer moves abnormally?
  10. If the second hand of quartz watch jump once every few seconds or stop moving, it probably because the power of the battery is used up. Then you need to replace the battery. Prevent dead battery from staying in watch for a long time because it might cause damage to movement.
  11. 6)The methods and notes for time adjustment.
  12. (1)、Don’t ajust the date between 22o’clock to 4 o’clock) because it might lead to damage to watch and wrong calendar.
    (2)、In order to expand the service life of watches, many watches adopt slow jump mode, which means date changes around midnight. It’s normal if date changes before 2am, and some changes till 4am.
    (3)、It can be adjusted f the calendar changes during daytime. If calendar changes at around midday, normally it because the watch is 12 hours fast or slow. For example, if it’s 11am now, but the watch is 11pm of the last day, then you can adjust it by dialing a lap of the hour hand.
    (4)、Adjusting the time clockwise instead of counterclockwise which will easily cause pointing deviation.
    (5)、Adjustment varies between different kinds of watches. But am and pm factor should all be taken into account no matter what kind of watch it is.
  13. 7)The detailed explanations of ISO specifications of waterproof watches.
  14. As long as the watch is marked “water-resistant, it means it is for daily use and can only used in water sports for a short time. It can’t be used in diving whether there’s additional pressure values mark or not. This kind of watches also can’t be used in those environments whose temperature and pressure are changing.
    Requirements: Waterproof watches must meet the following A and C or B and C conditions.
    A.Air pressure resistance: In air pressure resistance test, the airflow must not exceed 50 micrograms / min.
    B.Water pressure resistance: After water pressure resistance test, water sprays can’t occur in the the inside of the surface glass in the condensation test.
    C. Temperature resistance, force resistance , soaking resistance: after the immersion resistant test, waterproof test and temperature change test in 10m water depth, the water should not occure in watche mirror
    Checking tests: Conduct the following experiments to test the function of waterproof watches.
    A.Air pressure resistance test: Add 2bar of air pressure to the watch and measure the airflow which enters the case.
    B.Condensation test: Put the watch on a hot plate(40~45℃), drip a drop of water (18~25℃) to the watch surface. Water sprays can’t occur in the inside of the glass.
    C.Water pressure resistance test: Add the same water pressure marked on the watch for 10 minutes, or 2 bar of pressure if there’s no waterproof mark for 10 minutes.
  15. 8)The detailed explanations of JIS specifications of waterproof watches.
  16. According to the purpose,waterproof watches can be divided into two kinds. One can be used when we got sweaty,washing face,or when it rains.But it can’t be used when water pressure changes sharply. The other can be used in diving. Its function can be tested through the following tests: A.As for the watches for daily use. This kind of watch usually be marked “dairly waterproof”or “WATER RESISTANT( or WATER RESIST) Note 1: In the test, the temperature in the room and flume should be between 18~25℃. Note 2: In the moisture test, it won’t be regarded as bad waterproofness if the moisture disappear in 1 minute.
  17. 9)Notes for specialized terms about watches
  18. Water-resistant watches: “water-resistant”—English;“etanche”—French;“BOДOHEпPOHNцAEMbIE”—Russian“wasserdicht”—German; Except the above terms, pressure (unit: Pa) can also be used as overpressure mark( at least 2×10 Pa). It also can be expressed by the depth of water (at least 20m). Shockresistant watches: “shockresistant”—English;“resistantauxchocs”—French;“AHTиyдAPHbIE”—Russian;“stobsicher”—German; Antimagnetic watches: “antimagnetic”—English;“antimagneque”—French;“AHTиMATHиTHbIE”—Russian“antimagnetisch”—German;“